A considerable amount of work has been published on the natural enemies of the olive fly, Bactrocera oleae (Rossi). All of the parasitoid species that have been associated with olive fly in one way or another are linked through this page. The olive fly was placed in the genus Dacus for many years, and has also been called Daculus oleae. Rossi and Gmelin both presented descriptions of this species in 1790, but recent work indicates that authorship should be attributed to Rossi rather than Gmelin, as had been commonly done in the past.

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Dirhinus giffardii Silvestri
Chrysonotomyia Ashmead, 1904
Neochrysocharis formosa (Westwood, 1833)
Pnigalio mediterraneus Ferriere and Delucchi
Eupelmus afer Silvestri
Eupelmus urozonus Dalman, 1820
Eurytoma (Moneurytoma Erdös, 1957)
Eurytoma oleae Silvestri
Eurytoma varicolor Silvestri
Sycophila aethiopica (Silvestri)
Ormyrus Westwood, 1832
Halticoptera daci Silvestri
Pteromalus Swederus, 1795
Pteromalus semotus (Walker)
Bracon celer Szépligeti
Diachasmimorpha Viereck, 1913
Psyttalia Walker, 1860
Psyttalia concolor (Szépligeti, 1910)
Psyttalia dacicida (Silvestri, 1912)
Psyttalia humilis (Silvestri, 1913)
Psyttalia lounsburyi (Silvestri, 1913)
Psyttalia ponerophaga (Silvestri, 1916)
Utetes Foerster, 1862
Utetes africanus (Szépligeti, 1910)
Utetes africanus orientalis Silvestri, 1913
Coptera Say
Coptera silvestrii (Kieffer)