Diachasmimorpha brevistyli (Paoli, 1934)

Diachasmimorpha brevistyli was originally described (in the genus Diachasma) from a series of specimens that were reared from Dacus ciliatus Loew infesting zucchini in Somalia. Aside from the transfer of this species to the genus Diachasmimorpha (Wharton 1987, 1997), and a short note by Martelli (1937) appended to a paper on olive fly parasitoids, no other information has ever been published on this species.

Diachasmimorpha carinata and Diachasmimorpha brevistyli are virtually indistinguishable from one another, but brevistyli has been recorded only from Somalia whereas Diachasmimorpha carinata has been recorded from Kenya and Tanzania west through the Congo to Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Cameroon. It is possible that these two species are the same.

Biology / Hosts
Known only from Dacus ciliatus.