Fopius alternatae (Tobias, 1977)

See comments under the Fopius persulcatus species group on the Fopius page.
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Originally described by Tobias (1977) as Opius (Diachasma) alternatae.
Biosteres (Chilotrichia) alternatae: Fischer 1984.
Fopius alternatae: Wharton 1997.
As in other members of the persulcatus species group, Fopius alternatae is characterized by striate sculpture on the 2nd metasomal tergum and a frons that is densely covered with large punctures.
Diagnosis and Relationships
Wharton (1999) reviewed the species of Fopius, briefly discussed their relationships, and provided distinguishing features in tabular form. Fopius alternatae is similar to Fopius myolejae (Tobias), but has a broader, more heavily sculptured sternaulus (= precoxal sulcus).
Known only from far eastern Russia (Tobias 1977a, 1977b, 2000, Tobias and Jakimavicius 1986, van Achterberg 1999).
No referenced distribution records have been added to the database for this OTU.
Biology / Hosts
Reared from Rhagoletis alternata (Fallen) on briar (Tobias 1977).