Odontosema anastrephae Borgmeier, 1935

This is one of the more commonly encountered species of Eucoilinae reared from puparia of fruit-infesting Tephritidae in the Neotropical region, but the biology of this species has not received as much attention as the other common neotropical eucoiline parasitoid of tephritids, Aganaspis pelleranoi. For additional information on Odontosema anastrephae, see papers by Wharton et al. 1998, Guimaraes et al. 1999, and Ovruski et al. 2000.

See also the Eucoilinae and Odontosema pages.

1.dorsal view
2. Scutellum, posterior-obliqu...
4.fore wing
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Biology / Hosts
Most commonly recorded from Anastrepha striata and A. fraterculus in guava and other plants in the family Myrtaceae, but also reported from Ceratitis capitata and other Anastrepha spp. infesting citrus and, more rarely, coffee.
Biology and Behavior
As in other eucoilines, this species is a koinobiont endoparasitoid, ovipositing in the host larva and emerging as an adult from the host puparium. It is known to exhibit diapause (Aluja et al. (1998)).