Odontosema Kieffer, 1909

There are at least two described species in this genus, but until recently, all rearing records have been associated either with O. anastrephae Borgmeier or with undetermined species. Wharton et al (1998) and Ovruski et al (2000) provide a useful summary of known information.

For a key to genera and additional information on eucoilines, see the Eucoilinae page.

1. O. anastreph...
2. O. anastrephae scutellum: d...
3. O. anastrephae habitus: lateral...
4.O. anastrephae wing
Probably widely distributed throughout the Neotropical Region, but thus far recorded only from Brazil (Borgmeier 1935, Costa Lima 1948, Salles 1996), Costa Rica (Wharton et al. 1981), and Mexico (Hernández-Ortiz et al. 1994, Lopez et al. 1996).
No referenced distribution records have been added to the database for this OTU.
Biology / Hosts
Most commonly recorded from Anastrepha striata and A. fraterculus in guava and other plants in the family Myrtaceae, but also reported from Ceratitis capitata and other Anastrepha spp. infesting citrus and, more rarely, coffee.
Biology and Behavior
Host location by Odontosema albinerve was examined by Guimaraes and Zucchi (2004).