Fopius deeralensis (Fullaway, 1950)

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Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Prior to 1987, most of the species of Fopius, including this one, were placed either in Opius or Biosteres. Originally described as Opius deeralensis by Fullaway (1950).
Fopius deeralensis is from Queensland, where it has been reared from various species of Bactrocera in a variety of host fruits (May and Kleinschmidt 1954, Clausen et al. 1965, Carmichael et al. 2005).
1. Fopius deeralen...
2. Fopius deeralensis ovipositor...
3. Fopius deeralensis face: anterior...
4. Fopius deeralensis thor...
Diagnosis and Relationships
A tabular summary of morphological features that facilitates comparison of the known species of Fopius is provided by Wharton (1999). This table is particularly useful for comparing deeralensis to Fopius schlingeri, both occurring in the same region of Queensland.
Originally collected in the Atherton Tablelands area of Queensland, Australia (Fullaway 1950) and subsequently found on the island of New Britain (Waterhouse 1993).

Introduced to Hawaii for the Oriental fruit fly program; released but never recovered.

Biology / Hosts
Hosts were summarized by Wharton and Gilstrap (1983) (before Bactrocera was recognized as distinct from Dacus) and later by Carmichael et al. 2005. The list of hosts includes Bactrocera barringtoniae (Tryon), B. endiandrae (Perkins and May), B. fagraea (Tryon), B. frauenfeldi (Schiner), B. jarvisi (Tryon), B. kraussi (Hardy), B. laticaudus (Hardy), B. musae (Tryon), B. pallidus (Perkins and May), and B. tryoni (Froggatt). Lab reared on B. dorsalis (Hendel).