Fopius desideratus (Bridwell, 1919)

See comments under the Fopius desideratus species group on the Fopius page.
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Originally described in the genus Hedylus (Bridwell 1919). Prior to 1987, most of the species of Fopius, including this one, were placed either in Opius or Biosteres. Formally transferred to Fopius by Wharton (1997).
As in other members of the desideratus species group, the ovipositor is characterized by the presence of two distinct subapical nodes and the setae on the ovipositor sheath are very sparse; the frons has transverse, somewhat curved striae.
Diagnosis and Relationships
A tabular summary of morphological features that facilitates comparison of the known species of Fopius is provided by Wharton (1999). See also Wharton and Gilstrap (1983).
Biology / Hosts
Orginally reared from samples containing Ceratitis anonae Graham and undetermined species of Dacus (Bridwell 1919).
Biology and Behavior
Other than the original host records, almost nothing is known about the biology of this species.
Biology - Host Range Testing
Lab reared on medfly, Ceratitis capitata (Clausen et al. 1965).
Biological Control
Shipped to Hawaii on at least two occasions but possibly not released and certainly never recovered from release sites.