Fopius skinneri (Fullaway, 1951)

See comments under the Fopius persulcatus species group on the Fopius page. General information is provided by Clausen et al. (1965) and Wharton and Gilstrap (1983).
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
The generic names Opius and Biosteres have both been used for this species. The combination Fopius skinneri (Fullaway,1951) was first used by Waterhouse (1993).
Striate sculpture on the second metasomal tergum and frons densely covered with large punctures are characteristic of this and other species of the Fopius persulcatus species group. This particular species has more extensively striate terga than other species of Fopius.
Diagnosis and Relationships
A tabular summary of morphological features that facilitates comparison of the known species of Fopius is provided by Wharton (1999).
Introduced to Hawaii during the Oriental fruit fly program; released but not recovered.
Biology / Hosts
Recorded from Bactrocera limbifera (Bezzi), B. pedestris (Bezzi), and Euphranta sp., mostly from cucurbits. Also lab reared in Hawaii on B. dorsalis (Hendel).