Psyttalia acidoxanthicida (Fullaway, 1949)

This species was originally described from material reared from tephritids in flower buds. Except for some minor changes in classification, nothing else has been published on this species.
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Psyttalia acidoxanthicida (Fullaway, 1949)

Originally described in the genus Opius, this species was transferred to Psyttalia by Wharton (1997). Fischer (1972) established a separate subgenus within Opius: Opius (Acidoxanthopius) for this and one other species.

Diagnosis and Relationships
This species is characterized by the strong curvature of the veins in the basal half of the hind wing.
Known only from the Philippiine Islands (described from Zamboanga).
Biology / Hosts
The original series was reared from the tephritid Acidoxantha hibisci Hardy, 1974. The host tephritid remained undescribed for 25 years following the collection and description (in 1949) of the parasitoid. Members of the tephritid genus Acidoxantha infest buds of large flowers such as those of Hibiscus. The original description of P. acidoxanthicida (Fullaway 1949) lists the host as Paritium tiliaceus, but Paritium is now placed as a subdivision within the genus Hibiscus.