Utetes aciurae (Fischer, 1964)

The North American species of Utetes are in need of revision.
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
This species was originally described as Opius aciurae. It was formally transferred from Opius to Utetes by Wharton (1997). Utetes had been recognized as a subgenus of Opius by Fischer (1972), and later elevated to generic rank by Wharton (1988). However, most of the species that attack Tephritidae were not formally transferred to Utetes until 1997, after Utetes had been redefined (Wharton 1997).
Utetes aciurae (Fischer, 1964).
Diagnosis and Relationships
Nearly identical to Utetes canaliculatus (Gahan), but is lighter in coloration (mesopleuron yellow in aciurae, and with at least some black markings in canaliculatus).
Identification of Species and Subspecies
The key in Wharton and Marsh (1978) is now somewhat out of date but provides the most current treatment in English of the North American species reared from Tephritidae.
Biology / Hosts
Reared from larvae of the tephritid Myoleja limata (Coquillett) infesting holly berries (Ilex cassine L. and Ilex glabrata A. Gray) (Fischer, 1964).