Psyttalia agreutretae (Wilkinson, 1927)

This species belongs to the group of Psyttalia that attacks tephritids in flower heads and these have been delineated morphologically by Wharton (1997, 2009) as the P. vittator species group. See the Psyttalia page for additional information on this group. There are no known records of members of this group reared from tephritids feeding in fleshy fruits. Psyttalia agreutretae is known only from the original description, and was described from specimens reared in South Africa by Munro from the tephritids Afreutreta bipunctata (Loew), A. muiri (Bezzi), and Cosmetothrix discoidalis (Bezzi) (Wilkinson 1927); with host names updated based on Norrbom et al. (1998).
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Originally described as Opius agreutretae Wilkinson, 1927.

This species was later placed by Fischer (1987) in the subgenus Psyttalia. Psyttalia was subsequently elevated to generic rank by Wharton (1987), and the combination Psyttalia agreutretae (Wilkinson) was first used in Wharton (1997).