Doryctobracon brasiliensis (Szépligeti, 1911)

A review of host and distribution data is provided by Ovruski et al. (2000) and this publication is a good source for additional literature.
1. D. brasiliens...
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Originally described in the genus Biosteres.
Coeloides anastrephae Brethes is a junior synonym and Opius brasilianus Fischer is an unnecessary replacement name (for additional details see Wharton and Marsh, 1978).
Diagnosis and Relationships
This species is readily recognized by the distinctive yellow stigma on an otherwise infumate fore wing. For additional information and key to species, see the Doryctobracon genus page.
Biology / Hosts
Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann) and Rhagoletotrypeta pastranai Aczel. See also Leonel et al. (1995), Ovruski et al. (2000) and Aguiar-Menezes and Menezes (1997).
Biology and Behavior
Information on relative abundance of this species is provided by Leonel et al. (1995) for a site in Brazil.