Utetes divergens (Muesebeck, 1958)

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Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
This species was originally described as Opius divergens by Muesebeck (1958). It was later formally transferred from Opius to Utetes by Wharton (1997). Utetes had been recognized as a subgenus of Opius by Fischer (1972), and later elevated to generic rank by Wharton (1988). However, most of the species that attack Tephritidae were not formally transferred to Utetes until 1997, after Utetes had been redefined (Wharton 1997). This species was also included in Bracanastrepha by Fischer 1977.
Utetes divergens is differentiated from other species of the U. anastrephae species group by its coloration: with the head, thorax, and wings mostly black, but propodeum and metasoma yellow. As in other members of this species group (formerly placed in Bracanastrepha), the occipital carina is absent.
1. Utetes divergens habitus: lateral...
northern Mexico
Biology / Hosts
Utetes divergens has been reared from Anastrepha ludens in Sargentia fruits in Mexico.