Psyttalia incisi (Silvestri, 1916)

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Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
This species was originally described as Opius incisi by Silvestri (1916).
Later, Fischer (1987) placed this species in the subgenus Psyttalia. Psyttalia was subsequently elevated to generic rank by Wharton (1987). The combination Psyttalia incisi (Silvestri, 1916) was first used by Wharton (1987).
Indo-Pacific, originally described from India. More recently, specimens have been collected from various Bactrocera spp. in Thailand and Malaysia (Chinajariyawong et al. 2000).

Established in Hawaii.

West Bengal (Banerjee, T. C. 1989.)
Indonesia (Turica, A. 1968.)
Australia (Anonymous. 1923.)
Hawaii (Carter, W. 1952.; van den Bosch, R.; Bess, H. A.; Haramoto, F. H. 1951.; Purcell, M. F. 1998.; Waterhouse, D. F. 1993.; Haramoto, F. H. 1953.; Harris, E. J. and Bautista, R. C. 1994.; Ramadan, M. M.; Wong, T. T. Y.; Herr, J. C. 1994.; Vargas, R. I.; Stark, J. D.; Uchida, G. K.; Purcell, M. 1993.; Gilstrap, F. E. and Hart, W. G. 1987.; Bess, H. A.; van den Bosch, R.; Haramoto, F. H. 1961.; Wharton, R. A. 1987.; Purcell, M. F.; Herr, J. C.; Messing, R. H.; Wong, T. T. Y. 1998.; Vargas, R. I.; Walsh, W. A.; Nishida, T. 1995.; Wong, T. T. Y.; Mochizuki, N.; Nishimoto, J. I. 1984.; Wong, T. T. Y. and Ramadan, M. M. 1987.; Wharton, R. A. 1997.; Haramoto, F. H. and Bess, H. A. 1970.; Nishida, T. and Napompeth, B. 1974.; Stark, J. D.; Vargas, R. I.; Thalman, R. K. 1991.; Bautista, R. C. and Harris, E. J. 1997.; Purcell, M. F.; Jackson, C. G.; Long, J. P.; Batchelor, M. A. 1994.; Stark, J. D.; Vargas, R. I.; Walsh, W. A. 1994.; Liquido, N. J. 1991.; Purcell, M. F.; Daniels, K. M.; Whitehand, L. C.; Messing, R. H. 1994.; Harris, E. J.; Okamoto, R. Y.; Lee, C. Y. L.; Nishida, T. 1991.; Laing, J. E. and Hamai, J. 1976.; Eitam, A. 1998.; Wang, S. G. and Messing R. H. 2002.; Vargas, R. I.; Peck, S. L.; McQuate, G. T.; Jackson, C. G.; Stark, J. D.; Armstrong, J. W. 2001.; Vargas, R. I. and Ramadan, M. M. 2000.; Purcell, M. F.; Duan, J. J.; Messing, R. H. 1997.; van den Bosch, R. 1951.; Wang, X. G. and Messing, R. H. 2004.; Wang, X. G.; Messing, R. H.; Bautista, R. C. 2003.; Wang, X. G.; Bokonon-Ganta, A. H.; Ramadan, M. M.; Messing R. H. 2004.; Ramadan, M. M. 2004.)
Biology / Hosts
Much of the older biological information on Psyttalia incisi is summarized by Clausen (1978) and Wharton and Gilstrap (1983). See the “Introduced Distribution” section above for more recent publications on this species, especially by Messing and his colleagues.

Additional information was published by Banerjee (1977, 1980, 1989), Ramadan et al. (1991), Cheng et al. (1992), Bautista and Harris (1997), and Vargas et al. (2002).

Biological Control
Released against Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel), in Hawaii, and has become established.