Psyttalia makii (Sonan, 1932)

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Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Originally described as Opius makii by Sonan (1932).
This species was later placed in the subgenus Psyttalia by Fischer (1987). Psyttalia was subsequently elevated to generic rank by Wharton (1987). The combination Psyttalia makii (Sonan, 1932) was first used by Wharton (1997).
Diagnosis and Relationships
Psyttalia makii is very similar to Psyttalia incisi. Information on how to distinguish between the two can be found in Wharton and Gilstrap (1983).
Psyttalia makii was originally described from Taiwan (Sonan 1932) and was subsequently recorded from the Philippines (Mindinao Island), Java, and Thailand by Clausen et al. (1965).

Introduced to Hawaii; released but not recovered.

Biology / Hosts
Psyttalia makii has been reared from members of the Bactrocera dorsalis complex, as well as Bactrocera tau (Walker) (recorded as nubilus) and Carpomya vesuviana Costa (Wharton and Gilstrap 1983).