Utetes tomoplagiae (Costa Lima, 1937)

Very little is known about this species other than the original records published by Costa Lima (1937, 1938). See also the Utetes page.
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
This species was formally transferred from Opius to Utetes by Wharton (1997). Utetes had been recognized as a subgenus of Opius by Fischer (1972) , and later elevated to generic rank by Wharton (1988). However, most of the species that attack Tephritidae were not formally transferred to Utetes until 1997, after Utetes had been redefined (Wharton 1997).
Utetes tomoplagiae is most easily recognized by the small eye relative to the other members of the anastraphae species group treated here. The eye in lateral view is only slightly taller than the distance between the eye and the base of the mandible.
Known only from Brazil.
Biology / Hosts
Reared from or associated with tephritids in the genus Tomoplagia.