Psyttalia walkeri (Muesebeck, 1931)

Most of the information on this species is as yet unpublished, in part because of difficulties in identification. For additional information, see the Psyttalia page and Wharton (2009).
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Muesebeck treated the genus Psyttalia as a synonym of Opius Muesebeck (1931). This created a homonym within Opius for testaceus Wesmael, 1838 and testaceus Walker, 1960. Muesebeck (1931) therefore renamed testaceus Walker, the type species of Psyttalia, as Opius walkeri Muesebeck, 1931.
Fischer (1972) later recognized Psyttalia as a subgenus of Opius and Wharton (1987) ultimately re-established Psyttalia as a genus.

Psyttalia walkeri is the current valid name for the type species of Psyttalia Walker, 1860.

Originally collected in Sri Lanka.
Biology / Hosts
Reared from various hosts in the Bactrocera dorsalis complex, as well as a few other species of Bactrocera.