Aganaspis nordlanderi Wharton

This species differs from Aganaspis pelleranoi in the more densely setose costal cell of the fore wing (with only a single longitudinal row of setae on ventral surface in pelleranoi), the completely open radial cell, the more extensively furry hind coxa, and the smaller, slightly curved scutellar plate.

There are several species in the Neotropical Region similar to A. nordlanderi, including the much more recently described A. alujai (Ovruski et al. 2007). Several of these similar-looking species have been reared from fruits (see the Eucoilinae page) while others have not. Unfortunately, some of these species may have already been described in other genera, but since the Neotropical eucoiline genera are still poorly understood it will take a fair amount of work to correctly place all the previously described Neotropical species. Forshage (2009 dissertation, Uppsala University) has provisionally transferred several previously descibed neotropical species to Aganspis.

See also the Aganaspis page.

1. A. nordlanderi scutellum...
2. A. nordlanderi scut...
3. A. nordlanderi habitus...
4. A. nordlanderi scutellum: later...
5.A. nordlanderi wing 1
6.A. nordlanderi wing 2
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Biology / Hosts
Reared from puparia of Ceratitis capitata and Anastrepha striata (Wharton et al. 1998), with additional hosts and distribution data given by Guimaraes et al. (1999).