The genus Ealata was established by Quinlan (1986) for three species that he described from Africa. The genus was also recorded from Taiwan (Lin 1988) and thus may be widespread in the Old World. Although there are no publications on hosts or biology for any of the species, we have reared Ealata from fruits infested with tephritids in both Kenya (Copeland et al. 2009) and the Cameroons (Steck et al. 1986). Verification of hosts is still needed, since some of these fruit samples produced drosophilids and other flies besides tephritids. Nevertheless, it seems likely from the absence of other flies in a few of these rearings that members of this genus can successfully attack tephritids.

For a key to genera and additional information on eucoilines, see the Eucoilinae page.

1. Ealata sp. habitus: femal...
2.Ealata sp. habitus: male
3. Ealata sp. scutellum: lat...
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