Diachasmimorpha aino (Watanabe, 1938)

See comments under the genus Diachasmimorpha.
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Originally described in the genus Opius (Watanabe 1938), this species was subsequently transferred to Biosteres (Fischer 1972), and ultimately to Diachasmimorpha (van Achterberg and Maeto 1990, Wharton 1997).
The species is known only from Japan.
Biology / Hosts
First described as reared from cherry fruit fly, Euphranta sp., infesting cherries, but the original publication by Watanabe (1938) does not specify whether these were wild (native) cherries or cultivated ones. Fischer (1972) lists the host plant as Prunus cerasus Linnaeus, which is logical since the original material was reared at an agricultural experiment station.