Diachasmimorpha juglandis (Muesebeck, 1961)

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Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
In publications prior to about 1988, the species of Diachasmimorpha were placed either in the genus Opius or in the genus Biosteres. This species was originally described as Opius juglandis by Muesebeck (1961) and ultimately transferred to Diachasmimorpha by Wharton (1997).
Members of the species group to which D. juglandis belongs are characterized by weakly developed notauli and a straight ovipositor. Within this group, juglandis is most readily identified by the unsculptured second metasomal tergum.
1. D. juglandis abdomen: dorsa...
2. D. juglandis habitus: ...
3. D. juglandis thorax: later...
Biology / Hosts
Rhagoletis boycei Cresson and R. juglandis Cresson infesting walnuts (Wharton and Marsh 1978).
Biology and Behavior
The biology of this species was detailed in an unpublished PhD dissertation by Buckingham (1975, Univ. Calif. Berkeley). Detailed behavioral work was published by Henneman (1996, 1998, 2002).