Diachasmimorpha sublaevis (Wharton, 1978)

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Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Originally described in the genus Biosteres (Wharton in Wharton and Marsh 1978). Formally transferred to Diachasmimorpha by Wharton (1997).
Members of the species group to which sublaevis belongs are characterized by weakly developed notauli and a straight ovipositor. Diachasmimorpha sublaevis is similar to Diachasmimorpha mellea in the possession of a striate second metasomal tergum, but the pleural sulcus (sometimes referred to as the sternaulus) is more weakly sculptured in sublaevis.
1. Diachasmimorpha sublaevis head and m...
2. D. sublaevis thorax: latera...
3. Diachasmimorpha sublae...
Biology / Hosts
Rhagoletis completa Cresson infesting walnuts (Wharton and Marsh 1978). Detailed rearing records are provided by Legner and Goeden (1987).