Tetrastichus giffardii Silvestri

Tetrastichus giffardii Silvestri, 1913: 205-206.

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1. Tetrastichus giffardii fore win...
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Synonym: Tetrastichus dacicida Silvestri, 1915 (LaSalle and Wharton 2002).
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Biology and Behavior
This species was reared by Silvestri (1914) from many hosts and initially from four different countries in West Africa. Silvestri also noted that it oviposited in the host egg or first instar larva (Silvestri 1913, Silvestri 1914). However, more recent rearings in Kenya by Samira Mohamed (Mohamed et al. 2006) indicate that oviposition is preferentially in later instar larvae. This species was recorded from tephritids infesting coffee in Uganda (Greathead 1972) and Kenya (Wharton et al. 2000).