Coptera robustior Silvestri

Elevated to species status by Yoder and Wharton 2002.
See Coptera genus page for additional information.
Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Galesus silvestrii var. robustior Silvestri, 1913: 172. Original description.
Galesus silvestrii var. robustior: Silvestri 1914: 116. English translation of Silvestri (1913).
Galesus silvestrii robustior: Kieffer 1916: 226. Redescription.
Galesus magnificus Nixon, 1930: 401, 408. Original description, keyed.
Galesus silvestrii var. robustior: Nixon, 1930: 412. Redescription.
Galesus magnificus: Risbec 1950: 535. Keyed.
Psilus magnificus: Masner 1965: 36. Type information, generic transfer.
Psilus silvestrii var. robustior: Sundholm 1970: 325. Variation discussed.
Coptera silvestrii var. robustior: Johnson 1992: 153. Cataloged, usage.
Coptera magnificus (Nixon), junior subjective synonym of Coptera robustior: Yoder and Wharton 2002: 569.
A detailed description of Coptera robustior is provided by Yoder and Wharton (2002).
No referenced distribution records have been added to the database for this OTU.
Biology and Behavior
Reared from Ceratitis punctata (Weidemann) infesting Tabernaemontana longiflora Benth. (Silvestri 1913), and also from laboratory-reared medfly puparia buried in soil in a coffee plantation (Wharton et al. 2000).