Trichopria Ashmead

Trichopria is one of the most speciose genera of Diapriinae.
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Diagnosis and Relationships
The reduced venation shown in Fig. 1 is characteristic of species in this genus. Females nearly always have 12 antennomeres, males 14.
2.Female clava.
3.Female clava.
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Biology / Hosts
Members of the genus Trichopria are pupal parasitoids.
Trichopria anastrephae is known to attack Ceratitis capitata in Argentina (Turica and Mallo 1961) and Anastrepha spp. in Brazil (Costa Lima 1940, Costa Lima 1948, Aguiar-Menezes and Menezes 2001, Marchiori and Penteado-Dias (2001)) and Venezuela (Boscan de M. and Godoy). Trichopria capensis has been reared from puparia of medfly in South Africa and was reared on this host for at least one generation (Silvestri 1914). Bodenheimer (1951) recorded Trichopria from pupae of Ceratitis capitata in Israel.